The Power of the Gospel

Every time I visit India I see progress and improvement in the culture and life of the country. But I also see an increase in evil and emptiness all around as well. In fact, we can see that anywhere in the world. It can cause us to wonder if God is in control or if evil is overcoming all. But when I look at the depth of sin and hatred and evil and darkness in India, it affects me in a different way. It reminds me of how totally depraved the human heart is – and its not getting any better. I’m sure the depth of sin in us goes even far deeper than we can imagine.

That doesn’t make me wonder about God’s power and control – not at all! It shows me how great and powerful and loving and wonderful our God must be to love us so much as to provide for our sin. His love is greater than our sin. His power is great enough to take that sin on Himself and come out the victor. Not in control? If He is in control of human sin and evil He is in control of everything!

Seeing the power of the gospel to change lives here in India reminds me of the power of God despite all the wickedness the world throws against us. Less than an hour ago who stopped in a Dalit (“untouchables”) slum area we were driving by. Abject poverty doesn’t even describe the life conditions there. Imagine living on a dollar or two a week for your total income! Hopelessness and despair are everywhere in these communities. Alcoholism, abuse, disease and suicide are everywhere. But there was a group of people in this neighborhood who was quick to welcome us and show us around (see pictures below). There was life in the eyes of the children and joy in their voice – genuine, heartfelt joy. It didn’t take long for them to tell us they were Christians. The pastor of a local church has been coming around telling them about Jesus. The children sang song after song to us, all about Jesus. “Praise the Lord!” was the greeting we heard from their young lips over and over.

So what could be greater than the evil and darkness in India? The light and power of the gospel to change a life for Jesus is far greater! Does the increasing wickedness in the world today show God is weaker than we thought? No! It shows how immensely strong He must be to have conquered and paid for all that evil and wickedness, and it shows the power of the gospel to change a life. (January 21, 2016 )

Romans 1:17 “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”

Has His power changed your life? In what ways? Think of as many as you can and thank Him for it. Praise Him for His great power to overcome sin in the human heart.

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