Time to Stretch


In a few hours we head to the other side of the world from my comfort zone!  Sometimes I think God sends me to India more for my sake than for the pastors in India. I certainly can benefit from the faith-stretching it provides!  I can imagine Him smiling and nodding His head as I say that. Clearly it’s what I need.  The trip is long and hard: 30+ hours from door to door with no bed to sleep on.  Plus, their days are our nights and our days are their nights.  The first day, Saturday for us (Saturday night for you) will be settling in, organizing, unpacking, a rest and seeing Moses’ family.  Plus, we need to do some food shopping – quite different than doing it here!  Sunday we spend the morning with their church in their new building.  I will preach the sermon.  Then we fly to Bangalore to visit Evangelical Theological Seminary.  It is a place I’ve admired and wanted to visit for a long time.  It has very close ties to the seminary I attended.  They invited me to speak to students and staff twice Monday: Spiritual Warfare and Bible Overview.  Then Monday night we fly back to Hyderabad and start our daily conferences first thing Tuesday morning.  It’s a busy start, but it’ll be good to get that part of the trip behind us in the beginning.  Pray for whatever God puts on your heart for us.  Pray our faith grows as He continues to stretch us where we need it!  Thanks!  PS;  Where is He stretching your faith now? How are you responding to it?  You don’t have to go to India to be out of your comfort zone! (January 11, 2024 Doylestown, PA)

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