Thanks for your prayers and gifts for the work in India.  Both are greatly needed and much appreciated!  In a little over 3 months we will be leaving – January 7.  Pray for plans being made.  Conditions in that part of India are not good politically.  There is a movement to divide the state but there is no consensus where or how it should be done.  ‘Might makes right’ is the way things work there, so there are a lot of displays, strikes, power shows, etc., to upset the current government and keep life in turmoil.  Pray this wouldn’t affect the Christians or churches now, nor our trip in January.

Every week I receive news of new churches starting, pastors baptizing new people, buildings being built (several of which we have contributed some money towards) and great changes in the lives of people.  I also receive news of persecution, ill health, great financial needs, deaths of loved ones, accounts of believers going astray and other hardships.  Please keep praying for these brothers and sisters in Jesus.  A pastor wrote me about when he took some men from his church and traveled to a village that was 100% Hindu.  They preached the gospel and over time 11 families came to believe and follow Jesus.  The others in the village didn’t want Christians in their village so they burnt the homes of all 11 families.  These new Christians are destitute and concerned about their safety but staying faithful to Jesus.  Remember these and others in India who suffer for their (and our) faith.  Thank God for faithful pastors who continue to spread the good news of Jesus.

We need more sponsor for pastors.  Some whom we have been supporting have lost their sponsorship and we are looking for others to step in and send $25 a month so we can continue to help these faithful men and their families.  Let me know if you can help with this.

I will be running blogs of my experiences in spiritual warfare in India on my Spiritual Warfare web site: SW.ChristianTrainingOnline.org .  They will start October 1 and run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  You can view them on the site or sign up to have them emailed.  Go to http://india.christiantrainingonline.org/ and click on ‘subscribe’ on the right or simply email me and ask to have them sent.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have blogs on MainStreetBaptist.org, currently on Genesis 1-11.  These can be emailed to you as well.

We keep adding to the India web site,   Recently the books I have written which have been translated into Telugu have been added, as have Sunday School lessons I have prepared for the churches there.

Please keep praying for this ministry.  Thank you for your financial gifts as well.  We really do need and appreciate all you do.

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