When God’s Timing Seems Wrong

Sometimes the timing is all wrong.  Being pregnant before marriage is all wrong.  Serving God faithfully until old age and suffering the rejection of others because of childlessness is all wrong.   Mary and Joseph were expecting before they were married.  Zechariah and Elizabeth found themselves expecting when they were very, very old.  In each case it seemed God’s timing was off.  One baby was seemed too early, another too late.  That often seems to be the case with us as well.  But the truth is that God is never early and He is never late.  He is always right on time.  Yet to us, in our limited perspective, we are quick to judge Him early or late.  Especially late.  Whenever His timing isn’t the same as ours we pronounce Him late.  But could the sovereign God of the universe ever be too ‘early’ or too ‘late’?

For Mary and Joseph, and for Zechariah and Elizabeth, God was right on time with His perfect will for them.  Notice His will was totally dissimilar for each of them, but perfect for each one.  God’s will for us is different than for those around us, so don’t ever compare or complain.   For Mary and Joseph a baby too early stretched their faith and showed God’s glory.  And for Zechariah and Elizabeth a baby too late also stretched their faith and brought glory to God. 

God didn’t lead me to India until I was 60 years old – way too late it seems.  I’ve had two bouts of stomach problems this trip, but both have been OK.  In my 30’s I had much better energy and health.  I could have done a lot more, gone more often, stayed longer and kept ministering in India for additional 30 years.  What was God thinking, waiting until I was 60?  He has never told me, but now I can easily see some of the reasons. Yet if I see what He is doing or not doesn’t matter, He sees all and knowing it is His will is enough.  His will is always perfect. 

We won’t always understand what God is doing.  In fact, we may seldom understand.  But we know His timing is always perfect.  Too early is never too early – it is His perfect timing.  Too late is never too late – it is His perfect timing.  What seems like bad timing to us is actually perfect timing because it is God’s timing.  Nothing could be more perfect than that.  (February 14, 2019  Kurnool, India)

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Do you ever think God’s timing is off in your life or in someone else’s life?  When you look at your past, do you see a time you thought God was too early or too late?      

Take some time to pray now and thank Him for His always perfect timing, no matter what you think.   

Cultural Tidbits #6

The bigger the church, the more pomp & circumstance- AKA wasted time. We had to delete an entire teaching session because of this and serving chai tea at one church.

Jerry is not the most important person at the conferences. The COOK is ! At most conferences, the meal is the tail that wags the dog !

Jerry Schmoyer

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