I had the privilege of spending some time recently at the bedside of a dying saint.  He is a retired missionary who never really retired.  He grew up on the mission field with his missionary parents, then spent his life ministering in the same place.  Now his son and family are carrying on the work there.  He is a greatly admired man: gentle, wise, accepting of all and helping wherever he can.  Suddenly and unexpectedly his life is ending.  They say today is the day he will be ushered into heaven.  One can almost sense the angles in the room waiting for the proper time to escort him home.

How short life is!  We never know, do we?  Here one day, gone the next.  The great part is I know he has no regrets and has lived his life, every moment of it, for his Lord, his family and others.  It’s a good reminder that I (and you) will one day leave this world and we don’t know when that will be.  All we know is that it WILL happen.  How important it is to live for Him now, for today is the only opportunity we have.  So make it count.

As I talked with his family it was clear his passing would leave a large hole in their lives.  But that’s a good thing.  Who wants to leave this world and not leave an unfilled hole?  That happens far too many times and is a real tragedy, doubly so for God’s children.  If God takes you home right now, would your passing leave a hole in the lives of others?  It should.  Live now so it does, so you are missed, so your contribution is important and so the world is a better place because of you.

I had the privilege of spending some time this morning at the bedside of a dying saint.  I pray (and live) so that one day someone will say that about me!  (Doylestown, PA  July 3, 2015)

Psalm 16:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints!

If you knew you might die in the next year, what would you do differently in how you lived this year?  The thing is that we know we might die in the next year. Or sooner.  Or later.  Whenever it comes, ask God to help you live for Him now so there will be no regrets later.

INDIA UPDATE:  Please keep praying for the new book as it nears completion.  Pray God continues to use the other books in the lives of pastors and Christians in India.  Pray for plans being made for the 2016 India trip and pastor’s conferences.  Pray, too, for Pastor Moses’ trip to the USA Sept 1 to 18.  He’ll be in Doylestown, PA Sept 1-8 and in Tulsa, Oklahoma Sept 8-18.  If you are near either of those places and would like to see him please let me know as I am working on his itinerary while here.

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