Working Without A Net

When we talk with others who are doing ministries in India they say we are doing an excellent job and efficiently accomplishing an important work.  But when they ask us about who is being trained to help us now and take our places in the future we have no answer.  We know that is a major hole in our work, and we talk often about the importance of having others to help and eventually take over.  We pray for someone to fill these roles but so far there is no one in the USA or India.

Should something happen to Pastor Moses I don’t know who I could send money to and have things taken care of.  Who would house and distribute the books, deposit and pass on the money, plan conferences, drive us around, take care of our housing, translate my lessons and follow up on everything?  If something happened at a conference there is no one else we could converse with in English.  He has no net.

Should something happen to me there would be no one to collect and send the money to India, keep the records and do the government reports, write the books, teach the lessons and all the other things I do.  I have no net.

We have no backup plan, not because we don’t want one, but because God has not put it on the hearts of those He wants to follow.  I’d love to train someone and share the load of the work at home and the teaching here, and I’ve thought several times I may have found someone but nothing ever worked out.

If you know me you know I am very big on backup plans and covering all the bases, usually at lease twice.  I have backup plans for everything in India (and use several every year) but none for me.

So how do we function without a net, with no backup plan?  This means God is our backup plan.  The ones to help and take over these roles must the very right ones.  The ‘qualifications’ are many and varied.  We aren’t unique, and we aren’t irreplaceable but until God gives us a backup plan then HE is our backup plan.  And that’s not a bad plan to have!

Romans 15:1 I plan to do so when I go to Spain. I hope to visit you while passing through and to have you assist me on my journey there, after I have enjoyed your company for a while. 

Thank God for those who have assisted you in your journey through life.  Ask Him to show you whom you can help and how your can help them.

Pray God would provide the proper men at the right time to assist us and carry on this work, and until then He will give us the wisdom, health and energy to do what He wants.

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