You Know You’re In India When – 2


Hello friends.. it’s Nancy this time…

.Sooo I wasn’t going to rant about the driving and traffic situation, BUT it gives me so much material to work with I can’t resist!. Here goes:

The center of the road is the coveted spot to drive in. Both north and southbound drivers adhere to that sentiment… simultaneously.

Passing is fine on either side of the car, going either direction, at any given time, at any speed. No turn signals required. Honking is optional.

There are no speed limits, but there are random, secret speed bumps that are monstrous and can take your car out in a heartbeat if you fail to slow down in time. Hence brake business is booming!

I have stopped fearing for my life while in the car. I wear blinders.

Only in India do we pray for safe travels that includes avoiding water buffalo (If you are new to this blog, last year we failed to cover that item and were broadsided by such on a 4 lane highway. Not taking any chances this year)

Here are a few from 2106 (if you missed them!)

Driving in India is best suited for those with serious thrill issues and a death wish.

You can identify the type of vehicle behind you by the sound of the horn.(Pastor Moses would be safer with a fog horn !)

Every car has a rear-view mirror but faces the driver so he can comb his hair. No one uses it for anything else

A green light means go, yellow means proceed with caution, red means go faster.

All Indian driving is off-road.  (Next car we get for Moses will be from the monster truck competition collection.)  (January 15, 2018  Vijayawada, India)

Keepin’ it short and sweet

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