Your Prayers At Work

(Saturday, Jan 13, Hyderabad, India)  The work here is going very, very well.  It’s an honor and privilege to speak for Jesus here, or anywhere.  I’ve spoken to several groups of Hindu’s, some Moslems and a good number of animists (the tribal people – Gypsies).  It makes me feel very serious about presenting the claims of Jesus in a way they can understand.  Hearing an American draws them out of curiosity.  Sprinkling in several magic tricks entertains them and communicates truth.  But only as the Spirit work in their hearts will they come to Jesus.  Please keep praying for those who don’t know Jesus.

            Ministering to the Christians here is just as special.  Life is very hard, but they faithfully witness to their neighbors about the love of Jesus.  They are criticized and rejected because of it, and life becomes more difficult, but seeing these small lights placed everywhere in the darkness can be very encouraging.  They so remind me of New Testament Christians growing and spreading the Word.  They don’t know much, but what they know they share with others.  They don’t demand god change their lives or ask why things are as they are,  they just thank and praise Him for what He has done for them.  I heard today that one of the first women I baptized last year died a few months ago of some unknown disease.  What a joy and privilege to encourage and touch these lives in the smallest way!  Please keep praying for those who do know Jesus.

            I am doing well.  I always face much oppression, discouragement, loneliness and feelings of total inadequacy when I come here.  Gradually that lifts as God answers your prayers for me.  I find that the worse things are the more I lean on His grace.  Like Paul, in those times it is clear that “His grace is sufficient , for his power is made perfect in weakness” (Philippians 4:13).  While I turn from pain as much (or more) than anyone else, I cannot deny that God uses it to bring me closer to Him in a way nothing else does.  Like a scared, sick, hurting child, I run to my heavenly Father with an intensity I don’t have at other times and I throw myself into His arms in a deeper way than when things are not so bad.  Please keep praying for me.

            Your prayers are needed and appreciated.  These Christians in India pray.  Their dependence on prayer is inspiring.  For us it often becomes a last resort or a formality, but here prayer is often their first and only resort so they start where we sometimes end up.  They pray for us.  I think one great reason God has blessed our ministry and church is in answer to the faithful prayers of His children in India.  They truly know the power of prayer, and I feel its power here in a greater way as I pray for wisdom and guidance, for strength and energy, for blessing and healing of those who come asking for prayer.  Please keep praying for India.  Please keep praying.


We had a great marriage conference and evening church service at Moses’ church tonight.  It’s like my second church home.  I feel very close to many of the people for I’ve been going there since the beginning.   I’ve watched children turn into teenagers and older people stop coming.  They really love me and I love them.  You should visit their church some time, you’d love it too!

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